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BAZOOKA 10 – Low on trunk space?

BAZOOKA 10" PASSIVE BASS TUBE The biggest single concern most Car Audio Enthusiasts have when it comes to subwoofers is "How do I get tons of bass without giving up all of my trunk space?" Here to answer that question is the BT1014. Descended directly from the original Bass Tubes Enclosure, the BT1014 is the biggest, baddest...
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BAZOOKA 6.5 – Need space in your trunk?

BAZOOKA 6.5" 250W AMPPLIFIED TUBE Introducing our first ever Class D amplified tubes. With 250 watts of pure digital power, and optional speaker level outputs these new Amplified Tubes are the most powerful and best sounding Amplified Tubes we've ever made. While this single Amplified Tube will surely deliver the unprecedented performance you demand, if just you...
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